Jamaica Deaf Studies

On the Jamaica Deaf Studies trip, you will interact with Deaf children and adults. Because of American church missionaries over the years, Jamaica sign language is very similar to American Sign Language, which allows students to communicate with the Deaf quite easily. You will visit three schools for the Deaf and live at Jamaica Deaf Village and will be signing all day! In addition to interacting with the Deaf students, you will assist Deaf adults in projects, such as painting around the campus or making concrete sidewalks. For your off days, you will visit waterfalls, a calm and beautiful bay, and swim in glistening waters (the water lights up at night when there is movement!)
1. Trip Dates: :: 05/07/2024 – 05/16/2024
2. Application Deadline: 01/15/2024
3. Deposit Deadline: 01/15/2024
Location(s): Mandeville, Montego Bay
Price: $6,470
Program Term: Summer Session 1
Length of Trip: 9 days
Inclusion of Core Credits: No
Reoccurring: NA
Trip Director(s) Name: Dr. La-Juan Bradford
Trip Director(s) Email: [email protected]
Trip Director(s) Office: DXC 101B
Trip Director(s) Contact Number: 423-614-8182
Total Credit Hours Received: 7
Health Clearance: Jamaica Health Clearance Info*
Courses Offered:
  1. GNST 251 Cross-Cultural Experience, La-Juan Bradford-1 credit hour.
  2. SIGN 211 American Sign Language, Intermediate I, La-Juan Bradford - 3 credit hours
  3. SIGN 212 American Sign Language, Intermediate II, La-Juan Bradford - 3 credit hours.

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