Europe Psychology

Austria, France, Germany
The Europe Psychology trip is an immersive experience at the European Theological Seminary in Germany. You will attend class with European classmates, sleep in the school’s dormitory, earn ten hours of service while participating in the school’s work hour (e.g. kitchen, grounds keeping, etc.), and worship in the school’s chapel services! In addition, you will travel to Strasbourg, France; hike Germany’s largest waterfall in Triberg; and tour the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.
Trip Dates: 06/13/2024 – 06/29/2024
Application Deadline:12/07/2023
Deposit Deadline: 01/12/2024
Location(s): Freudenstadt, Salzburg, Strasbourg
Price: $5,475
Program Term: Summer Session 2
Length of Trip: 17 Days
Inclusion of Core Credits: No
Reoccurring: NA
Trip Director(s) Name: Dr. Jeffrey Sargent
Trip Director(s) Email: [email protected]
Trip Director(s) Office: HUM302C
Trip Director(s) Contact Number: 423-614-8125
Total Credit Hours Received: 4
Health Clearance: Europe Psychology Health Clearance Info*
Courses Offered:
  1. GNST 251 Cross-Cultural Experience, J. Sargent - 1 credit hour.
  2. PSYC 480 Exploring Psychology & Faith, J. Sargent - 3 credit hours.

Program Gallery: