• The Lee University Developmental Inclusion Classroom (LUDIC) is a state-approved private school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). LUDIC serves students on a full-day, half-day, or part-time basis. The funding base is generated through contracts with area school systems and with individual families on a per child basis.

    National wide, the number of students served in the autism category has burgeoned since the early 1990s. Until recently, the most often cited incidence/prevalence rate was 4 to 4.5 out of every 10,000 live births. More recent estimates, however, have jumped to between 1 in 68 and 1 in 50. The greater Cleveland area has experienced an even greater growth than the national trend. The Cleveland City School System saw an increase of greater than 1,000% in students with ASD from ‘99-’00 to ’05-‘06.

    Many experts agree that individuals with ASD have the most unique learning needs and require the greatest expertise to teach of all the disability categories. The school systems with which we contract and parents of our students view LUDIC as a program which provides services unique to our students’ needs and which is more intensive than the programs currently available within the school systems.

    LUDIC Mission Statement:

    • To serve the community of individuals with ASD by providing a quality program for children with ASD and other developmental disabilities;
    • To serve the community by providing various types of support for those affected by ASD including families, preschools and daycares, and churches;
    • To serve the Lee community by providing opportunities for Lee University students to observe and have hands-on experience in the program.

    LUDIC Students:

    LUDIC began in 1999-2000 with 7 students, 5 of whom had a diagnosis of ASD. From 2004-2005 we have exclusively served students on the autism spectrum. We hit our record enrollment of 24 students in 2011-2012. As the prevalence rate of ASD has grown, schools systems have attempted to provide appropriate programs in their schools. Many of the classrooms supporting students with ASD in area school systems are staffed by teachers who worked at LUDIC in some capacity in the past. With this trend, our enrollment has dipped slightly, but LUDIC continues to be a vital program for many students who require the most intensive instruction in the greater Cleveland area.

    Contact Information

    1120 North Ocoee Street
    PO Box 3450

    4100 Stephens Rd NE
    Cleveland, TN 37312

    Dr. Tammy Bilbo Johnson
    BCBA-D (Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctoral)
    LUDIC Director
    Phone: (423) 614-8190
    Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST