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LiveSafe is a mobile app that Lee University is providing all students, faculty, and staff to download for free. With this app, you will be able to use your smart phone as a personal security device that will empower you to take charge of your own safety as well as look out for those around you. LiveSafe can be used for varying safety situations from contacting Campus Security or 911 during an emergency to allowing fellow friends or family members to “watch” as you travel from one location to another.


Report Suspicious Activity: See something suspicious on campus? Share information, tips, and safety concerns by submitting a report directly to Campus Security. This feature includes options for attaching text, picture, video, or audio to your report as well as engaging in a live chat with an emergency official. You can choose to either remain anonymous or send your user information and location, which allows for faster response times.

Report Incident: Has an incident already happened? Submit a report for non-emergency situations such as a disturbance, lockout, hate/bias, and more. Quickly notify Campus Security of an incident that has occurred or is currently ongoing.

Emergency Options: In an emergency and need immediate help? Push buttons on the Emergency Options page allow you to notify either 911 or Campus Security of your situation and initiate location tracking so that emergency responders may pinpoint where you are and arrive on the scene more quickly. An option for sending discrete messages with crucial details to Campus Security is also included for cases where a phone call is not feasible.

Resources: Looking for more resources? LiveSafe provides you with easy-to-find information such as emergency procedures, shuttle pickup locations, health and wellness resources, and more.

SafeWalk: Feeling uneasy about walking home from your friend’s dorm after dark? With SafeWalk, you can invite your friends or family to “virtually escort” you. Choose a contact from your phone to temporarily receive your location and follow you on a real-time map until you reach your destination. If you do not arrive at your intended location, they can contact you to ensure you are safe or use your last-known location to contact emergency personnel.

Safety Map: Want to know exactly where you are? Easily find your location on the Safety Map and receive directions to campus buildings, visitor parking, places of safety, and more. Campus Security can also publish safety concerns directly to the Safety Map so that you can stay aware of any possible dangers in your area.


  1. Download the “LiveSafe” app via the Lee University website.
  2. Register with your phone number or email.
  3. Search for and select “Lee University”.
  4. Sign in with your Lee University username and password.


*Please Note: In order to receive check-in notifications with LiveSafe, access to your location needs to be set to “Always” in your phone settings for the LiveSafe app.

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