• Paying for college can be difficult, but a Lee education is more affordable than you might think. We are consistently rated among the nation's most affordable Christian colleges. But what does that mean for you? In such a complicated process, we want to make it a bit more simple. Affordability has two distinct components: how much does it cost you, and how much assistance will you have to cover this cost. This page will simplify this process and help you navigate it.

    How much does Lee cost?

    Lee is committed to low cost for every student, in state, out of state, regardless of need. Our annual tuition and fees of $18,770 is for full-time, on-campus, undergraduate students ranks Lee among Christian colleges with the lowest cost. We are also affordable, which means that our cost is manageable for students through various kinds of assistance. So even when compared to schools with lower tuition costs, the average student at Lee utilizes aid programs that make the bottom line possible, so much that many students find Lee comparable to top-tier state institutions. Given the fact that 23 percent of our students are first-generation college attendees, and 42 percent of our students qualify for the Pell Grant, we are confident that you can afford your Lee education no matter what your situation. The great value of a Lee experience, combined with such a reasonable tuition rate, is the first reason for this confidence.

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    What Financial Aid is available?

    The amount of aid available to Lee students is the second reason for our confidence that you can afford your Lee education. Students here find aid available to help pay for college from numerous sources. Federal and state grants, private scholarships, generous institutional merit scholarships, and student employment. Many students also carry with them third-party scholarships and grants that help toward their education. After all these most common funding sources are used, some students have a bit more ground to cover, and we have programs designed for students to borrow responsibly to invest in their education, one of the most worthy investments in life. Information on all of the ways students find a helping hand can be found here.

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    Academic Scholarships

    Lee offers generous non-competitive four-year scholarships based on performance on the ACT and SAT. Starting at a 24 on the ACT or 1160 on the SAT, entering freshmen qualify for a minimum of $5,000 annually up to $12,500 annually. Over 60 percent of our beginning freshmen take advantage of these scholarships.

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    Financial Aid Info

Intro to Lee Financial 411

Paying for College

Federal Student Loan Basics


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  • Need Help?

    Do you still have questions about cost or financial aid? We have two offices at Lee willing and ready to help you get answers and dive into the process

    Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office can help you navigate all questions related to federal and state aid programs, Lee grants and scholarships, as well as applying for outside scholarships.

    Email: finaid@leeuniversity.edu
    Phone: (423) 614-8300
    Web Link: leeuniversity.edu/financial-aid  
    Student Financial Services

    The Office of Student Financial Services helps you manage your student accounts and helps to ensure that your funds go toward the coursework you have enrolled in. They work with you and all other funding sources, on campus and off, to help in the process of funding your Lee education. Contact them with any questions you have about this process.

    Email: sfs@leeuniversity.edu
    Phone: (423) 614-8100
    Web Link: leeuniversity.edu/student-financial