Employee Profile

Nancy LaBine

Nancy LaBine, PhD

Associate Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Cardiac Rehabilitation & Critical Care Nursing
School of Nursing | Location: SON 310
Phone: (423) 473-3778
Dr. Nancy LaBine joined the nursing faculty at Lee in 2017, serving as both undergraduate and graduate faculty. Previously, she was the director of nursing at Cleveland State Community College. In addition to her various administrative and faculty roles, she worked with the Tennessee Board of Regents, deans, and directors, to develop a statewide common curriculum for the associate degree programs in Tennessee. Since coming to Lee, LaBine has taught various courses and labs including Concepts in Professional Practice, Christian Ethics for Nursing, and clinical instruction for Multi-Dimensional Care, and Immersion. She has served on several committees for the School of Nursing including the Graduate Nursing committee.

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