Employee Profile

Mary McCampbell

Mary McCampbell, PhD

Associate Professor of Humanities
Specialty: Contemporary Literature and Post-Modern Culture
History and Political Science | Location: HUM 307F
Phone: (423) 614-8353
Dr. Mary McCampbell joined Lee’s faculty in 2010. Her doctoral work focused on the relationship between postmodern fiction, late capitalist culture, and the religious impulse. Publications include chapters or articles on contemporary fiction in “Spiritual Identities: Literature and the Post-Secular Imagination,” “Sacred and Immoral: on the Writings of Chuck Palahniuk,” and The Modern Humanities Research Association’s “Yearbook of English Studies.” She speaks frequently on the intersection of the Christian faith and culture (in film, fiction, and music), and was the summer 2014 writer-in-residence at the Greatham, England Branch of L’Abri Fellowship.

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