Employee Profile

Ana Shippey Alves

Ana Alves Shippey, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science
History, Political Science, & Humanities | Location: HUM 305F
Phone: (423) 614-8057
Dr. Ana Alves Shippey joined Lee’s faculty in 2013. She teaches courses in international relations, comparative politics, and American government and advises students in the political science and international studies majors. Her current research focuses on the claims to territoriality and authority of violent non-state actors including drug cartels, organized crime, transnational gangs, and terrorist groups. Shippey is also involved in organizing the Constitution Bowl and the yearly celebrations for Lee’s International Women’s Day, and often contributes to academic events that inform Lee University students and staff, local teachers, and the public in general on issues such as globalization, international law, immigration, and refugees.

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