Music and Worship, Voice (MUCVA.BM)


School of Music

Equips students for careers as music ministers in local churches by teaching skills, knowledge, and practical applications through the study of music and a broad general core. For vocalists, performance literature includes standard repertoire and contemporary selections.

Degree Checklist

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General Education Requirements - Total Hours: 41-47

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CHMN 310 - Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Credit Hours: 3

This course will introduce the student to the nature of Christian spiritual formation. Key biblical, theological and historical persons and events will be examined. Socio-psychological issues will be reviewed as they specifically pertain to the process of Christian spirituality. Attention will be given to the development of the individual student's spiritual life as well as to how ministry personnel can cultivate spiritual growth in other people.


CHMN-150 (or MUSW-112 for Music & Worship majors).

MUSW 112 - Introduction to Music Ministry Credit Hours: 2

A course designed to provide the student with an overview of the essentials of local church ministry and to acquaint him/her with the music ministry profession. The course includes observation of local church music programs and interviews with the music ministers from various denominational traditions and church sizes.  



MUSW 213 - Music Ministry Leadership Credit Hours: 3

A study of the administrative, pastoral, and worship-leading roles of the minister of music in a fully developed music program at the local level.



MUSW 223 - Aspects of Leading Music for Worship (with Lab) Credit Hours: 2 to 1

A course designed to acquaint students with the skills for successful church music arranging with emphasis on practical application and adaptability to various situations. Special attention is given to techniques for arranging or adapting music for ensembles with limited instrumentation and/or personnel. Requires co-requisite enrollment in MUSW-223L.


MUSW-112; a minimum grade of C in MUST-121, and MUST-122

MUSW 311 - Congregational Song Credit Hours: 2

A survey of the various periods and styles of hymnody in the history of the Western church; and a study of the role of congregational singing and worship.


MUSW-112 and MUHL-212.

MUSW 321 - Philosophy of Music and Worship Credit Hours: 3

A course designed to discuss current issues/trends and philosophies in worship music from an informed perspective of the biblical and historical foundations of church music. To assist students in the development of their own philosophy of music ministry, the course will include discussion, observation and evaluation of church services and student-led music experiences.


MUSW-213, MUSW-223 and MUSW-311.

MUSW 431 - Rehearsal Techniques for Ministry Credit Hours: 3

A survey of practical considerations for working with choral groups, with emphasis on: rehearsal planning and score preparation; problem-solving strategies for choral tone, diction, choral blend, and intonation; the development of choral musicianship and selection of repertoire. Importance is given to the development of church choral organizations.


MUCO-331 or MUCO-332

MUSW 492 - Music & Worship Internship I Credit Hours: 1

This course is designed to provide the Music and Worship major with practical experience in a local church under the supervision of his major professor and a practicing professional. The student will observe and participate in the church's music ministry.


MUSW-213, MUSW-311 and Approval of Faculty Committee

MUSW 390 - Seminar in Songwriting Credit Hours: 1

This course will explore the basic rudiments and techniques of songwriting. Students will be equipped with tools to help them create original compositions from start to finish, learning step-by-step how to compose a lyric and melody and complete a composition according to music industry standards. The course will also explore the music business, looking into such areas as publishing, copyrights, performance rights organizations, and other careers related to music business and the music ministry.



MUCO 331 - Advanced Choral Conducting Credit Hours: 2

A continuation of Fundamentals of Conducting focusing on choral music.


MUCO-330; a minimum grade of C in MUST-231 and MUST-232

MUHL 432 - Choral Literature Credit Hours: 2

A survey of sacred choral literature from the Renaissance to the present, including representative composers and an overview of their primary choral works. The course explores large and small choral forms of western music with attention to style traits and performance practices.


MUHL-311 and MUHL-312

MUSW 493 - Music & Worship Internship II Credit Hours: 1

This course is designed to provide the Music and Worship major with optional additional practical experience in a local church under the supervision of his major professor and a practicing professional.


MUSW-492 and approval of Faculty Committee.

MUSB 235 - Audio and Notational Technology for Music Business Credit Hours: 2

Designed to enhance students' knowledge of technology used in audio and notational aspects of the music industry, placing this technology in its historical context.



MUSB 335 - Advanced Commercial Audio Applications Credit Hours: 2

Building on the students' foundational work in music technology, this course explores the operation and application of current digital audio software and hardware, culminating with the completion of a short recording project.




MUSB 321 - Commercial Vocal Techniques & Stylings Credit Hours: 1

Newly approved course for Music & Worship students - syllabus still under development.



MUSW 313 - Guitar for Music & Worship Credit Hours: 1

This course is designed to prepare students for playing acoustic guitar in worship settings that use popular/commercial music styles. Emphasis will be given to skills needed for playing from lead sheets and with other instruments in contemporary bands.




MUSG 212 - Class Piano IV - Music Majors Credit Hours: 1

Continued study of functional piano skills.


A minimum grade of C in MUSG-211 or approved equivalent.

MUSG 185 - Performance Seminar

A class designed to expose students to various types of music in the vocal, instrumental, and keyboard genres. This course is required of all music majors for seven semesters. Graded on a pass/fail basis.



MUSA 288 - Upper Division Admission Examination

A 10-minute, juried performance at the end of four semesters of applied study on the music major's primary instrument. The student performs music of contrasting styles for a committee of music faculty. Successful completion of the Upper Division Admission Examination (UDAE) is required for admission into upper-level applied study.  For transfer students, the applied study may or may not have been done at Lee University.


Two semesters of MUSA 201 or their approved equivalents

MUSW 497 - Senior Project

Newly approved course for Music & Worship students - syllabus under development.



MUSG 286 - Piano Proficiency Examination

Demonstration of functional piano skills according to requirements of student's program of study. Grading is Pass/Fail.


MUSG-212 or approved equivalent