Music and Worship, Piano (MUCKA.BM)


School of Music

Equips students for careers as music ministers in local churches by teaching skills, knowledge, and practical applications through the study of music and a broad general core. For pianists, performance literature includes standard repertoire and contemporary selections.

Degree Checklist

For a check list of all the courses required for this degree program and a suggested four-year sequence of study, please click on the link below.

General Education Requirements - Total Hours: 41-47

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Primary Applied Piano (8)

[To be completed over at least 7 semesters. Students may choose to substitute up to 3 semesters of Commercial Applied Piano after passing the UDAE.]

MUSB 321 - Commercial Vocal Techniques & Stylings Credit Hours: 1

Newly approved course for Music & Worship students - syllabus still under development.



MUSW 313 - Guitar for Music & Worship Credit Hours: 1

This course is designed to prepare students for playing acoustic guitar in worship settings that use popular/commercial music styles. Emphasis will be given to skills needed for playing from lead sheets and with other instruments in contemporary bands.




MUSG 212 - Class Piano IV - Music Majors Credit Hours: 1

Continued study of functional piano skills.


A minimum grade of C in MUSG-211 or approved equivalent.

MUSG 185 - Performance Seminar

A class designed to expose students to various types of music in the vocal, instrumental, and keyboard genres. This course is required of all music majors for seven semesters. Graded on a pass/fail basis.



MUSA 186 - Piano Seminar

A class experience designed to expose pianists to techniques and coachings on a wide variety of piano literature and functional piano skills. This course is required of all piano majors and concentrations for 7 semesters. Graded on a pass/fail basis.


Admission to School of Music with piano as primary instrument.

MUSA 288 - Upper Division Admission Examination

A 10-minute, juried performance at the end of four semesters of applied study on the music major's primary instrument. The student performs music of contrasting styles for a committee of music faculty. Successful completion of the Upper Division Admission Examination (UDAE) is required for admission into upper-level applied study.  For transfer students, the applied study may or may not have been done at Lee University.


Two semesters of MUSA 201 or their approved equivalents

MUSW 497 - Senior Project

Newly approved course for Music & Worship students - syllabus under development.