Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have two class options for Encore Scholars depending on your goals and time commitment.
  • Traditional Courses – Traditional courses integrate Encore Scholars with traditional students. These classes meet
    for a full semester, 2-3 days a week. They can be taken for credit or audited.
  • Mini Courses – Mini Courses are specially designed for Encore Scholars. These classes meet once a week for 5-8
    week sessions.
  • Taking a class for credit requires you to abide by the syllabus and professor expectations. You must complete all
    projects, tests and papers and you will receive a grade at the end of the semester.
  • Auditing a class exempts you from projects, tests and papers. You can attend the course at your leisure. You will
    not receive a grade but your transcript will reflect that you attended the course.
  • Encore classes are offered every fall and spring semester. Registration takes place in January and August.
  • Your student ID card will get you free tickets to athletic events, the Presidential Concert series, theatre
    productions and the campus recreation center.
  • There is a $25 programming fee each semester you enroll as an Encore Scholar. The only outside costs you may
    have are books and a small supply fee for special courses.
  • You are eligible to take up to two courses each semester.
  • Yes, you must be 60 or over to enroll as an Encore Scholar.
  • Your parking permit allows you to park anywhere on campus. We strive to schedule mini courses outside of peak
    times in effort to make this easier.
  • We understand that you have busy lives. Mini courses do not have an attendance policy. If you are taking
    traditional courses for credit, speak with your professor.
  • Encore is solely an educational enrichment program. In order to complete your degree you must enroll as a
    traditional student through Admissions.