• Practical studies for practical ministry—that’s what the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies offers.

    The courses in our program are specifically designed to equip you to be the leader in ministry that God has called and gifted you to be. You will explore the biblical and theological foundations of issues related to ministry in contemporary contexts and then move beyond theory to the implementation of practical skills for successful vocational ministry. The combination of superior education and significant ministry experience of our faculty enable them to present a realistic approach to this union of theory and practice, one you will immediately implement in your coursework. Beyond preparing you for the practical application of knowledge, the M.A. in Ministry Studies will also provide you with opportunities to network with others who share your passion for your field of study. It will serve to transform you from novice to recognized expert.

    Our program is offered in two formats, both of which recognize the impracticality of adjusting your schedule in order to attend daily classes. The on-campus program offers courses in a modular format, where each course meets all day (from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) one day a month throughout the semester. The program is also available entirely online. More information about the online program is available from the Division of Adult Learning.

    Relevance Holistically Transformative: Our M.A. in Ministry Studies seeks to transform you, your ministry, and the world. We want you to leave our program with a deeper commitment to Christ, a greater knowledge of the biblical, theological and theoretical foundations of ministry; and increased compassion for people. We are confident that this personal transformation will have both an immediate and a long-lasting impact on your ministry, and that, ultimately, you will be a world-changer.
    Scholarship Academically Challenging: Our M.A. in Ministry Studies is not simply a continuation of undergraduate studies. Our courses are designed to challenge your existing knowledge and beliefs—not necessarily to change them, but to help you understand and articulate your Christian faith, your commitment to ministry, and the processes of discipling and maturing those to whom you are called to minister.
    Bible Contextually Applicable: Our M.A. in Ministry Studies is built on the principle that your knowledge must be immediately applicable in your ministry context. Each course in the program is designed to assist you in understanding your context and the application of the course content to that context. We truly believe in practical studies for practical ministry.
    Community Deeply Relational: Our M.A. in Ministry Studies is designed to foster interpersonal relationships. We desire that our students become friends as they bond over study, coffee, and fellowship. Beyond relationships with other students, we also seek to forge strong and lasting relationships between students and the members of our faculty, as we learn together in the classroom and enjoy fellowship opportunities outside the classroom.
    What Sets Lee's Master of Arts in Ministry Studies Apart?
    • Not only is our M.A. in Ministry Studies one of the most affordable in the nation, but 100% of graduate students in the Lee University School of Religion also receive automatic scholarships.
    • Full-time students who have backgrounds in the related areas of religious, biblical, theological, or ministry studies can complete our program in two years.
    • We offer smaller, seminar-style classes that facilitate a dialogical approach to learning.
    • Students can choose from four areas of emphasis: Leadership Studies, Practical Theological Studies, Worship Studies, Youth and Family Studies.
    Message from the Director

    Welcome to the Ministry Studies graduate program at Lee University!

    With four areas of emphasis, this program allows you to tailor your studies toward your specific ministry context. The idea of contextual ministry is a foundation of our M.A. in Ministry Studies. We realize that not every student shares the same passions or is called to identical ministries, and we have designed our program around that very premise.

    Each course in the program begins with an exploration of the biblical, theological, and theoretical frameworks that support the academic content. What makes us different from other programs is that we never want to leave our students stranded in the world of disconnected and, perhaps, impractical ideas. Every course is also designed to move toward the implementation of practical skills for successful vocational ministry. We do this by crafting assignments that require immediate application to the student’s specific context of either their present or future ministry.

    We further acknowledge the importance of contextual ministry by recognizing that many of our students are working professionals and cannot adjust their schedules to attend daily classes. Our courses are presented in a modular format, wherein each course meets from 8:30 to 5:00 one day per month. This means that a full-time student taking 3 courses per semester will only be on campus three days per month. Our full-time students typically earn their master’s degree within 2 years, while our part-time students can easily earn their degree within 3 years.

    As you may already know, Lee University is not a place where you will get lost in the shuffle and be just another student among the masses. Rather, Lee prides itself on being a place where the professors truly care about their students and are invested in their success. You will experience this firsthand in the Ministry Studies program, where the faculty will pour into your life intellectually and spiritually, helping you to grow as both a student and a person. Inside and outside of the classroom, you will experience relationships with faculty members who are deeply committed to their faith and desire to contribute to your own Christian formation and maturation.

    We frequently describe the M.A. in Ministry Studies as practical studies for practical ministry. If this is appealing to you, I encourage you to get to know us. We would love to partner with you in your educational pursuit to become the minister God has called and gifted you to be!

    Quotes from Our Recent Graduates

    “As a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies program, I must say that this course of study truly changed my life. The classes are designed to give the student a broad range of topics that challenge and reinforce the biblical and theological foundations behind them. I highly recommend the program to anyone who desires to further her or his educational experience in Christian Ministries.” – Melanie

    “The Worship emphasis the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies degree allowed me to expand my knowledge of Christian worship from a biblical, cultural, and theological perspective. My studies have empowered me to be a 21st century Pentecostal leader that advances the Kingdom of God within my contextualized area of ministry.” – Donnie

    “This Master's program has impacted every aspect of my life. It expanded my biblical and theological knowledge, as well as how to apply that to practical ministry. It also provided a diverse community of ministers with whom I can collaborate. I grew academically and spiritually and found it to be a divine connection in my ministry journey.” – Lauri

    “I have loved my experience in the Ministry Studies graduate program at Lee University. The classes are challenging and provide practical learning experiences that have prepared me for ministry. The classroom experience has been truly exceptional. Each class offers a safe atmosphere that's conducive to having open dialogue and discussion concerning the material we are studying. The program also provides time for the students in our program to get together and build relationships through leisure activities such as golf or dinner. I have truly enjoyed my experience in this program, and would highly recommend the program.” – Reagan

    “The MA in Ministry Studies program has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me. The Leadership track has provided me with the skills and structure I needed to feel confident in my ability to launch out into the field of ministry. Through this degree program, I feel that I have been thoroughly equipped to lead in any context that I may find myself serving in the future.” – Bobby

    “I have loved this program because it has allowed me to accomplish one of my personal goals of earning a master's degree, while at the same time allowing me to serve at my church. This youth and family studies track has been very beneficial for me in that it has prepared me to move forward with confidence that I have been given a firm foundation, and that my pre-existing skills were sharpened so that I can successfully and skillfully move toward the future to which God has called me.” – Ethan

    “As a result of enrolling in Lee University’s Master of Arts in Ministry Studies program, another dimension of learning is taking place. I gained a deeper understanding of my belief system, and I am advancing toward the fulfillment of a longstanding aspiration of becoming a well-respected writer.” – Donna

    “Having the opportunity to take part in this program has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. It was truly a journey that has not only prepared me for a life of ministry, but was also a time of personal and spiritual growth.” – Adam

    Contact Information

    Graduate Studies in Religion
    1120 North Ocoee Street
    Cleveland TN 37320-3450

    Phone: 423-303-5104 or
    Email: gradstudies_religion@leeuniversity.edu
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

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