Exercise Science

This program prepares students for careers in corporate, commercial, community, and hospital-based settings. Knowledge of the human body, the effects of exercise, and general self-care are emphasized in courses such as Exercise in Health and Disease.  

Program Tracks: EXSCI.BS  

Lee's programs give the student a chance to experience various aspects of life at Lee beyond academics, offering program-specific global trips, clubs, service, and research opportunities. The following are possible aspects of life outside the classroom for students in the above degree programs: 

Global Trips and Travel 
  • European Humanities for Health Science Professionals 
  • Philippines  
Social Clubs 
  • Forever In Training (FIT) 
  • Iota Tau Alpha Zeta HS 

Majors aid in the University’s wellness program, Health Quest. Students will help with pre- and post- body composition assessments, Quality of Life surveys, and psychological stress status. 


The Capstone course is designed to help graduating students integrate their faith with the academic knowledge they have gained throughout their studies. It is regarded as the final reflection of the essential Core Values of Lee University.


The major seeks to pursue experiential learning opportunities. This translates to taking classroom content into personal fitness routines, and exercise leadership in Matrix MX4 HIIT classes in the recreations center. 


Lee University partners with the local YMCA, individually owned fitness facilities, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee corporate fitness facility, and Lee Flames Strength and Conditioning Center.

  • The Department is involved in research with the Cleveland Fire Department, tracking hydration levels during Rookie training school and live fire training drills. 
  • Lee partners with NCAA DII athletic teams such as women’s soccer, tracking wellness scales, recovery scales, and rate of perceived exertion following practice and competition. 
  • Students have presented their research at Southeast College of Sports Medicine, Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society conferences, and National Athletic Trainers Association meetings. 
There are a variety of scholarships available to Education majors: 

This program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for achieving success after graduation. Here are the career paths often pursued by graduates in this program.

  • Athletic Coach
  • Athlete Development Specialist
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Sport Business Development Coordinator
  • Fitness Manager
  • Director of Athletics
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Coaches and scouts
  • Camp Administrator
  • Outdoor Recreation Environmental Educator
  • Recreational therapist