Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education

The Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, (Middle Grades) and Special Education has a long standing tradition of excellence. We are proud of our accomplishments in the pass rates for national teacher exams and in content specific areas. In addition, the department distinguishes itself in offering energetic involvement in cross-cultural opportunities, a sincere interest in diversity and the acceptance and promotion of differences, and a determination to prepare teachers to a rigorous standard. Every professor brings to the classroom significant teaching experience and varied expertise that is supported by relevant theory. Most importantly, they pursue a personal relationship with their teacher candidates, coming alongside them and modeling the skills of successful teachers.

Expect Something Great

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Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education

Katie Rinaudo

Katie Rinaudo graduated from Lee in 2013 with a degree in human development. She credits the Kairos Honors program for teaching her to think critically about her faith and calling, and says both Lee’s Global Perspectives trips to Honduras and South Africa and the opportunity to lead the service club Big Pal Little Pal inspired her to do three years of mission work at a children's home in South America after graduation. Her love of missions work lead her to found and run OrphanWise, a nonprofit organization that equips caregivers of children who have experienced trauma. She also does coaching and TBRI® workshops both in the States and Latin America, and she says her master's in the holistic child development program prepared her to understand the psychology around brain development and bring hope and healing to her clients.