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  1. 65 Roses 5k, Cleveland Half Marathon Canceled

    The annual 65 Roses 5k and Cleveland Half Marathon, scheduled for Sept. 12, have been canceled.
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  2. 20th Annual Great Strides Walk to Take Place March 28

    The 20th annual Great Strides Walk and 18th annual 65 Roses 5k will be held at Lee on Saturday, March 28.
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  3. Great Strides Rallies Over 1,000 Participants for CFF

    Over 1,000 people were on campus for the 19th annual Great Strides Walk and 17th annual 65 Roses 5K this past Saturday.
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  4. Lee Hosts Great Strides “Thank You” Luncheon

    On April 24, Lee hosted a luncheon to thank local sponsors and teams for supporting this year’s Great Strides and 65 Roses 5K.
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    Great Strides 'Thank You' Luncheon takes Place
  5. 65 Roses 5K and Great Strides Walk to Take Place April 1

    On Saturday, April 1, Lee University and the Cleveland community will host the 15th annual 65 Roses 5K and 17th annual Great Strides
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