• Reservists receiving Chapter 1606 or 1607 benefits and veterans receiving Chapter 30 benefits can have their Montgomery GI Bill educational benefit check deposited directly into their designated financial institution. Sign up by calling the VA Regional Office at 1-877-838-2778.

    The following information will be needed:
    • VA File Number (SSN)
    • Account Number and Account Type
    • The financial institution’s 9 digit Routing Transit Number

    Advance Payment

    Veterans may request Advance Payment for the first two months prior to certification if eligible. It must be requested 120 to 45 days before the new semester begins, no sooner or later. The payment checks are mailed directly to the Office and can be picked up there. After receiving advance payment, another check will not be received for several months.

    Credit for Military Experience (CME)

    Military service veterans or those with military training can be considered for credits. For more information contact the Director of Academic Services, Erin Looney.

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