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    Bowdle/ O'Bannon Halls

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    Bowdle and O’Bannon Halls are located on the north end of campus next to Storms Hall, Souther Field, and Schimmels Park. These residence halls offer students cluster style living areas complete with big screen TVs, pool and ping-pong tables, couches, and tables/chairs. Microwave ovens and refrigerators are also available in the clusters. Vending machines are conveniently located in the residence hall, and coin/card-operated laundry facilities are located on the first and fourth floors. An elevator is also available in the building. Four students occupy a two-bedroom suite with a shared bathroom. The bathroom contains a double sink, shower stall, and private toilet. Each bedroom has two extra-long twin beds, two desks with chairs, two chests of drawers, and two closets.

    Building Features

    Meet the RD | Josh Swem

    "I became an RD for the purpose of working closely with college students. I enjoy spending one-on-one time with my staff and students in an effort to help them develop into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of college. I appreciate the way my residents challenge my own conceptions. They can be very inquisitive, and that is when learning takes place on both ends."



    “Break the Chains” – Isaiah 58

    Community Outreach

    This year Bowdle/O’Bannon has sponsored the Ooltewah Middle School Library. Ooltewah is a Title I school with little funding for beautification and book purchases. We have painted several walls, assisted with landscaping, and helped with minor repairs in the classrooms. Further, we have raised $500 for their library to purchase books.

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