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    On Campus Rooms:

    There are a variety of rooms on campus available to reserve. Our four main types of rooms are conference rooms, computer labs, traditional classrooms, and lecture halls.

    Our conference rooms generally seat from 8 to 15 comfortably; the computer labs seat from 26 to 35, depending on the location; the traditional classrooms range from 20 to 60; and each of our four lecture halls vary. The Rose Lecture Hall (Education Building) seats 200, the Johnson Lecture Hall (Humanities) seats 120, the Science and Math Complex Lecture Hall seats 97, and the Jones Lecture Hall (School of Religion) seats 203.

    All lecture halls and computer labs and the majority of our classrooms and conference rooms are fully equipped with a drop-down projection screen connected to a room computer for any technological need you may have.


    Lee University currently has 16 residence halls, including our newest additions to Brinsfield and Livingston East as well as New Hughes Hall.