• About Orff-Schulwerk
    Orff Schulwerk is a unique approach to music education. Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman founded this child-centered approach that connects speech, movement, song, instruments, and listening, emphasizing creativity and active engagement by the children. Within these connections, the Orff approach addresses all aspects of a child’s musical development— performing, creating, listening, and analyzing—in ways that encourage the child’s joyful imagination and musical spirit.

    Level Two
    Level Two is for anyone who has successfully completed an AOSA-approved Level One course. Instruction will review Level One techniques emphasizing the teaching process. Students will expand understanding of instrumental and vocal improvisation, explore advanced orchestration, including introduction to modal harmony and studies in mixed meter, introduction to alto recorder and expressive movement through Laban efforts.

    About the Course
    The daily schedule will include basic Orff pedagogy, alto recorder, movement, and special topics that will differ each day. Orff media include vocal exploration through song and speech, and specially constructed barred percussion such as xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels as well as a wide variety of unpitched percussion instruments through which participants encounter the process. Orff techniques like improvisation and composition, exploration of tonal and rhythmic ostinati, bordun accompaniments, and the pentatonic scale are foundational to the process.

    Contact Information

    Dr. Susanne Burgess,
    Associate Professor of Music Education
    Lee University, School of Music
    1120 N. Ocoee St., Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: (423) 614-8067
    Email: sburgess@leeuniversity.edu  

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