• To help you gather the information you need about studying the Lee Online program, here are some of the most commonly asked questions by applicants. Click on a question below to view the answers.

    Application Process

    What degree programs does Lee Online offer?
    • BA/BS Degree Programs:
      • Bible & Theology
      • Business Administration
      • Christian Studies
      • Criminal Justice (2 emphases to choose from)
      • Ministry Leadership (8 emphases to choose from)
      • Liberal Studies
    • MA/MBA/MS/MM Degree Programs:
      •  Master of Arts in Ministry Studies (4 emphases to choose from)
      •  Master of Business Administration
      •  Marriage and Family Studies
      •  Master of Music in Music Education
    • Certificate Programs:
      •  Bible
      •  Christian Education
      •  Christian Leadership
      •  Intercultural Studies
      •  Pastoral Studies
    • For complete program information please click here
    What program formats does Lee Online offer?

    Lee Online is the primary means of program delivery in the Division of Adult Learning. This form of study is a highly engaging experience, which is based on models of adult learning in a virtual classroom environment. Over the course of the 7-week term, students log in to classes for online instructions, videos, lectures, assignments, discussions, etc. Materials are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the term. During a course, the instructor may schedule times to meet online with students. These sessions are for discussion, lecture, course mentoring, etc. The number of hours necessary to complete online courses is approximately 16 hours per week.  

    What type of time commitment should I plan for in my Lee Online courses?

    The average amount of time that students spend on each course is 16 hours per week.

    How much does it cost to attend Lee Online?


      Undergraduate Tuition

    • $378 per credit hour (3 credit hour courses)
    • A Lee Online undergraduate ministry discount is available to all students studying in one of our undergraduate ministerial degree programs (Bible and Theology, Christian Studies, or Ministry Leadership). The Lee Online undergraduate ministry discount is $126 off the per credit hour rate (tuition per hour is $252 instead of $378).  
    • Graduate Tuition

    • $755 per credit hour (3 credit hour courses)
    • A graduate ministry discount is also available for students studying in our graduate ministerial degree program (Ministry Studies). The graduate ministry discount is $205 off the per credit hour rate (tuition per hour is $550 instead of $755).
    • Fees

    • Application $25
    • Registration $25
    • Student Services $55
    • Books

    • Varies depending on course. Follow the link to the Campus Bookstore for more information.

    For complete program information please click here.  
    How can I receive grants and/or scholarships?

    Apply for Financial Aid online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

    Does Lee Online offer any special scholarships for ministers or bishops ordained in the Church of God?

    A Lee Online undergraduate ministry discount is available to all students studying in one of our undergraduate ministerial degree programs (Bible & Theology, Christian Studies, Christian Ministry, or Ministry Leadership).  The Lee Online undergraduate ministry discount is $126 off the per credit hour rate (tuition per hour is $252 instead of $378).

    A graduate ministry discount is also available for students who are studying in our graduate ministerial degree program (Ministry Studies). The graduate ministry discount is $205 off the per credit hour rate (tuition per hour is $550 instead of $755).

    How does the online classroom work?

    Lee Online classrooms use a platform called Moodle. It is through this site that your course syllabus, instructor, classmates, and class information is uploaded. It is designed with weekly assignments and no designated time to log on, which is extremely useful when you are juggling a full-time job, family, and life in general! Portico is another online site that is used to access online profiles, degree audits, registration, financial information and more. Online classes consist of an 7-week session format in which you engage a particular subject with the assistance of fellow classmates and textbook materials. Tests do not need to be proctored, and you will not need a webcam or any equipment other than your internet accessible computer.

    Are there specific computer requirements?

    Most current personal computer systems will meet the requirements of online courses.

    Access to online courses may be available on some internet-capable devices, although functionality may be limited (depending on the type of device). We strongly recommend a high speed internet connection in order for students to complete their coursework. Lee Online encourages the use of the latest version of Microsoft Office and Firefox web browser. Instructors will inform students if additional software is needed.

    Do you accept transfer credit?

    The Division of Adult Learning accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions. Lee accepts accreditation through ABHE and TRACS institutions, as well as credits earned from the MIP, CAMS, and other certified Church of God programs.

    How can I get started?
    • 1. Complete an application
      • Complete the Lee Online Undergraduate or Graduate Application.
      • If you have not taken classes at Lee for more than a semester we request that you re-submit an application to ensure up-to-date information.
    • 2. Determine your financial aid eligibility
      • For all grants and federal financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA form found at www.fafsa.ed.gov.
      • If you have already filled this out, you must make sure Lee University is listed with the school code 003500.
      • Feel free to contact our on-campus Financial Aid Office by calling 423.614.8300, or by visiting their homepage to request additional financial aid information and forms, if needed. This office handles financial aid inquiries for the entire university, and will be your direct point of contact for this type of data.
    • 3. Have any previous college or university transcripts sent to the Division of Adult Learning Enrollment Services.
      • If you have taken any college-level coursework, please request that your institution send official transcripts. If you have not completed any college-level work, please have your high school transcripts or GED certificate sent.
      • Official transcripts should be mailed to the following address:
        Lee University – Division of Adult Learning
        P.O. Box 3450
        Cleveland, TN 37320
    Where can I view course schedules (classes being offered this term)?

    To view course schedules, please click here.  

    Do you offer a discount for Military/Veterans/First Responders?

    Lee University Online offers a discounted tuition rate of $250/hour for all Military and First Responders enrolled in undergraduate online degree programs. Eligible students include all active duty U.S. service members or any veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. This tuition rate is extended to any active First Responder as well. For questions about eligibility, please see Homeland Security's definition of First Responder:
    "...Federal, State, and local emergency public safety, law enforcement, emergency response, emergency medical (including hospital emergency facilities), and related personnel, agencies, and authorities." (The Homeland Security Act, 6 U.S.C. 101).
    Enrollment and Student Services will make the final determination of a student's eligibility for the discount.


    Where do I receive my login information?

    You will receive login information via email upon your acceptance to Lee Online. Additionally, you may call the university Help Desk at 423.614.8027, or email helpdesk@leeuniversity.edu (you will need to provide your name and student ID in both cases).

    How do I know what credits transferred in?

    In Portico/Web Advisor go to “Academic Profile” and click “Degree Audit – Program Evaluation.”

    Who is my academic advisor? What can he or she assist me with?

    In Portico/Web Advisor go to your “Degree Audit” and your advisor information will appear at the top. Advisors are available to assist you with items such as registration, questions concerning your degree (including career options), and any changes to your schedule.

    How do I order my textbooks?

    To order textbooks, please visit Lee Bookstore  

    How do I calculate my GPA?