World Record Set by Lee’s Alpha Gamma Chi

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alumni Hero

On Saturday, April 6 at 7 p.m., the members of Alpha Gamma Chi achieved their record-setting goal for the longest played game of continuous flag football, “THE GRIDIRON.”

The reason for attempting this endeavor was to raise funds for Build a City, a project in Andong, Cambodia, initiated by People for Care and Learning (PCL). MurMaid Mattress was the chief sponsor of “THE GRIDIRON.”

“Our goal was to raise $86,000 to fund the marketplace and health clinic projects of the larger Build a City initiative in Andong,” said Chi president Taylor Trotter. “We want to break the poverty cycle by providing jobs and improving health in this Cambodian city.”

The men of Chi took the field at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 4, and began recording the play on video and in logbooks in order to prove to the Guinness Book of World Records officials that they did indeed meet Guinness’ requirements.

“There were many moments throughout the game where the members questioned why we were doing this to ourselves,” said Trotter. “But we quickly had to return to the core purpose for Build a City and then rally each other around that.”

Students, staff and members of the community came out to offer their support throughout the 50 hours. Other Lee Greek clubs took shifts throughout the day and night, and a large crowd gathered to witness the club achieving their 50-hour goal Saturday evening.
"When the game started to get tough, we had to get creative with making the game fun," Trotter said. "We had to be able to laugh out there because the competitiveness wore off (especially the second night). The two-hour intervals felt like six hours each, and the four-hour intervals felt like eternity! We could be freezing in the rain one moment and then be burning up by the hot sun. In the end, we all rallied together to finish out strong."

The first 48 hours were played on Lee’s Souther Field, while the last two hours were played on Lee’s soccer field.

“The highlight was definitely the last two hours playing in front of everyone on the soccer field,” said Trotter. “Once we switched over, our legs were rejuvenated, and we knew we needed to step up for the fans so that we could raise money for Cambodia. It was surreal when the countdown came.”

Recordings of the 50-hour game will be sent in to the Guinness World Records organization to finalize the new record.

The men of Chi have raised approximately $57,000 so far. Fundraising includes sponsorships, private donations, gifts and merchandise sales.

Donations can still be made by sending a check with THE GRIDIRON in the subject line to the attention of Cole Strong at Lee University, online at, or by texting "build" to 20222 for a $10 donation.

For more information about the Build a City project visit

PHOTO: Members of the World Record-breaking group, Lee social service club, Alpha Gamma Chi