• Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2020-2021 Peer Mentor for Lee University LEAP. Below you will find the following information:

    • Anticipated program requirements;
    • A program application;
    • Questions to complete with your application;
    • One reference form.

    Completed forms (Application with Answers to Questions, and Reference Forms) should be turned in to the LEAP office located in the Higginbotham Administration Building, Room 306 by Friday, February 28, 2020. When you drop off your application, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Angela Waltrip, Community Coordinator & LEAP Coach, for a future 20-minute interview.

    Lee University is thrilled and grateful to receive a federal TRIO grant to fund our LEAP mentors. The pay is about $8.00 hourly. We look forward to using students like you to help us build this program.

    Dr. Roy Y. Chan
    Director of LEAP
    TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

    Peer Mentor Program Application & Form

    Objectives of the Peer Mentor Program

    A LEAP Peer Mentor (PM) is an undergraduate student who has successfully completed at least two academic years at Lee.

    • To assist LEAP students in personal assessment of their abilities and support their collegiate experience academically, socially, and personally;
    • To promote attendance in out-of-class academic, social, and cultural events;
    • To work with the LEAP staff to increase the persistence and graduation rates of the 140 LEAP participants.
    Education & Training
    • Successful completion of 60 hours of college credit required
    • Participation in LEAP Peer Leadership Training required
    • Participation in the student leadership development conference required
    • LEAP participant strongly preferred
    • Tutoring experience preferred
    • Recommendations from one faculty member required, and one from residential life staff required, if applicant resided on campus
    Skill Requirements
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills
    • Demonstrated understanding and commitment to addressing the special needs of diverse student populations
    • Knowledge of Lee University environment, programs and policies
    • Demonstrated maturity, leadership and evidence of campus engagement
    • Ability to maintain confidential documents and records
    • A LEAP eligible applicant is strongly preferred.
    Peer Mentor General Requirements
    • Have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0;
    • Able to work effectively with a diverse student population;
    • Completed a minimum of 60 credits;
    • Demonstrate active student engagement at the university;
    • Model student involvement in LEAP;
    • Demonstrate effective academic success strategies;
    • One year commitment (Fall & Spring semester).
    Expectations of the Peer Mentor are:
    • Attend all training sessions and events for Peer Mentors;
    • Complete all of the program components with LEAP mentees and attend all LEAP Orientation programs and events;
    • Set positive examples for mentees in personal, academic, and social behavior;
    • Become acquainted with your mentees and establish positive relationships;
    • Be aware of your mentees’ attitudes and be sensitive to individual as well as group needs;
    • Encourage a sense of individual responsibility;
    • Be knowledgeable about on and off-campus services for appropriate referral;
    • Show interest and encourage mentees to participate in and attend various college events;
    • Promote student interaction;
    • Submit weekly reports to the LEAP office
    • Maintain open lines of communication and support throughout the year with mentees