• The LEAP office has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience. Each link below leads to a section with information that you may find helpful. If you need additional information, please contact leap@leeuniversity.edu  

    What is Leap?

    LEAP is a Federal TRIO SSS (Student Support Services) Program, funded through a grant from the United States Department of Education. Each year, the Project will serve 140 Lee University students.

    Who Qualifies?

    As a federal funded program, the US government sets the eligibility requirements for LEAP. To be eligible, students must:

    1. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
    2. Be accepted or enrolled fulltime at Lee University;
    3. Demonstrate a strong need and desire for academic support; and
    4. Meet one or more of the following criteria:
      • Be a “first generation” college student (neither parent has a four year degree)
      • Have a documented disability
      • Qualify for “low income” status.
    What Services are Provided?
    Academic Tutoring Graduate/Professional School Assistance
    Assistance in Course Selection Individualized Counseling
    Financial Aid Assistance Cultural and Academic Enrichment
    Financial Literacy Education Mentoring Program
    Career Exploration Grant-Aid/Scholarships to Students
    What is the Goal of LEAP?

    LEAP’s comprehensive program of services is designed to increase students’ persistence, academic success and graduation rate at Lee.

    Is there any Financial Support from LEAP?

    The LEAP Director works with the Financial Aid Director to make sure all eligible LEAP participants are receiving the full financial support including the federal Pell grant. In addition, LEAP provides all of its participants with financial support in form of an annual LEAP scholarship.

    What are the Students' Responsibilities once accepted in LEAP?

    LEAP participants must sign a contract stating that they will have frequent contact with the LEAP staff and are expected to take full advantage of the program’s services. These include weekly meetings with the peer mentors (freshmen and sophomores only), and monthly meetings with LEAP coaches (ALL participants). The more LEAP students are involved with the program, the more benefits they receive. If students fail to meet their obligations, they are placed on inactive status and will no longer receive the full benefits of the program.

    If I apply to LEAP, am I automatically in?

    No. You will be officially notified if you are accepted into the program within two to three weeks through your Lee University email address. If you do not have a Lee University email address, it means you have not been accepted into the university.

    Since LEAP is a federally funded Program, does that affect my Financial Aid?

    No, being a member of LEAP does not affect your financial aid.

    Can a LEAP Participant also serve as a LEAP Peer Mentor?

    Yes, if you meet the requirements as outlined in the Peer Mentor application and are selected.

    If I already have a Bachelor’s Degree, do I qualify for LEAP?

    LEAP is for first degree seeking students.