• A wellness committee was formed in 2007 to study how employees of Lee might benefit form a plan to improve their health. The following chart provided the committee with information about what factors may significantly affect each individual's wellness.

    The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services,
    Healthy People 2010 cites the following as leading health indicators:
    Physical Activity Overweight & Obesity Tobacco Use
    Substance Abuse Responsible Sexual Behavior Mental Health
    Injury and Violence Environmental Quality Immunization
    Access to Health Care

    As a part of the study the committee adopted a well campus initiative and formed a plan to include the following ideas:

    • Keep healthy people healthy
    • Help unhealthy people change their behavior to become healthier
    • Support People with serious health issues
    • Enable people to be more productive and satisfied in their life and their work

    The mission of the committee:
    Wellness of all employees is of great importance to the continuance of the mission of Lee University. We can encourage employees to focus on a healthier lifestyle by implementation of a wellness program that pertains to all parts of the body from the physical to the spiritual and by providing tools to make better decisions in regard to physical exercise, weight control, mental health and personal wellness.

    As a result of the study and the initiatives is is important to consider what changes will impact the Lee University Family

    • Living well: Mental and Spiritual Health - Life Balance
    • Exercising well: Physical strengthening
    • Eating well: Weight control & Considering health issues
    • U are special: We are concerned with everyone's personal wellness