• “I [find] it very difficult to narrow down all our experiences into just a few brief moments. This trip was simply life changing to me in so many different ways. As I look back, I’ll honestly tell you I left half of my heart in Nicaragua and at the orphanage. The relationships that you build with the children, who have without question experienced more tragedy and helplessness than any of us here probably ever will, is something that I will look back on as a moment that redefined my faith, how I view this world, and how I view the underprivileged.”
    -- Jared Barnes (Nicaragua)

    “My 15 week[s in] the Hispanic culture was indescribable…. I had a lot of fun and learned as much as I could…but I also found myself. Yes, it contained some of the hardest challenges I have ever faced, but I would never take any of it back. I went to Costa Rica with the hope of learning Spanish, going to the beach, and having fun; but, I came back a different person…. I participated in a once in a lifetime opportunity that has honestly changed who I am.”
    -- Cara Spata (Costa Rica)

    "My cross-cultural trips at Lee have had a dramatic impact on my life. They gave me the opportunity to see the world from a completely new vantage point, to examine what I held to be true, to explore how these truths translate into other cultures, and to forge all these ideas together…. My experiences resulted in a deeper understanding of God and aspects of his nature that American Evangelical culture tends to neglect."
    -- Ann Pickens (Cambridge, Ireland, Ghana)

    “After coming back from Egypt and [Israel] I found myself questioning everything I had ever known or imagined…. Yes, I saw the pyramids, yes I saw the sphinx and the opera and the Nile, but now I am left with the responsibility to report the truth of a misguided people to my home and family and friends. My understanding of God’s grace went to a different level. I knew then that I didn’t know too much at all about the world at large or even my own world back home. I realize I didn’t know nearly as much about myself and my faith…and see how God’s love is much bigger than I ever imagined. It is limitless….It covers over Islam, Judaism and…Christianity. It is bigger than the veil that seems to cover these different peoples’ eyes.”
    -- Josh Hughes (Egypt and Israel)

    “The time that I spent in Italy is definitely a major highlight of my life thus far. My perspective of my own country and the world has changed greatly through this experience…I am already looking for another opportunity to … immerse myself in a different culture. It has been a highly beneficial experience that I feel is imperative to all students.”
    -- Joshua Hubbard (Individually-Arranged Study)

    “If we spend all of our time talking, and trying to get our message across, then we have no time to see where others are coming from. I think that this is something that Evangelical Christians, especially in America, lose sight of. We are so consumed with saving the world that we do not listen to the world.”
    -- Michaela O’Donnell (Trinidad)