• The mission of the Global Perspectives program is to help raise students' awareness of the increasing interdependence of our world and to emphasize that every human being has a potential for making a significant contribution to the kingdom of God; to foster in students a respect for the diversity of perspectives represented in the world community; to help students articulate an understanding of their own Christian values; and to show how these relate to another cultural perspective.

    Students have many options for fulfilling their cross-cultural requirement at Lee University.

    • United Kingdom: Semester Study Abroad: The flagship study abroad opportunity at Lee University is the Study Abroad in the U.K. offered every spring semester. Headquartered in the city of Cambridge, this life-changing semester includes ten weeks of intensive travel throughout the UK and 15 credit hours of study including 12 hours of Humanities credit and 3 hours of cross-cultural credit.
    • University-led cross-cultural experiences: The University offers more than 30 faculty-led trips taking students all over the world during winter, spring and summer breaks. Each trip typically entails four to seven credit hours of relevant coursework.
    • Individually arranged studies: Students may choose to design a unique independent experience that includes a minimum of 45 hours of interaction with the culture over a period of at least 7 days.
    • Collaborative Study Abroad opportunities
      • Best Semester Programs with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Not all Best Semester programs qualify for cross-cultural credit through Lee University, but many of them do.
      • Japanese Studies at Tokyo Christian University
      • Japanese Studies at Yamagata University in northeastern Japan
      • Additional programs by request may apply for cross-cultural credit