• Whether a student is an avid outdoor adventurer or a ‘city slicker,’ the University’s recreation programs offer a variety of opportunities to literally "get your feet wet". College credit is offered through certain classes.

    Educational Course Offerings

    PHED 109/ 110 Beginning & Intermediate skiing
    RECR 132 Outdoor Recreation Activities
    RECR 140 Introduction to Flyfishing
    RECR 232 Backpacking & Camping
    RECR 233 Water Based Recreation
    RECR 234 Wilderness First Responder

    *All of these courses carry additional fees, and students are recommended to meet with the instructor prior to registration. See the university catalog for more information.

    Sample Trips include spring break skiing in Colorado, rafting on the Ocoee River, flyfishing on the Hiwassee River, camping in Tennessee State Parks and caving at the Lost Sea.