• Hello everyone –

    Like most of you, we are watching the situation as Hurricane Irma hits the Florida coast. We have lots of students from Florida, and many more of us have family and friends there; we are praying especially for all of them as the storm continues to develop.

    I want you to know that the Lee leadership team is monitoring carefully any potential impact this hurricane might have on our campus. It appears now that the remnants of Irma will likely stay west of here, rather than reaching us directly. There is a weather advisory for Southeast Tennessee for Monday afternoon and night, predicting high winds and heavy rainfall, but nothing which will prevent us from operating normally on Monday and Tuesday. That could change, of course, and we will be watching it closely. If the storm veers in our direction, producing a further deterioration in our conditions, we will notify you as changes occur.

    But for now, I just want you to know we are monitoring the situation closely, while we all pray for our families and friends who are directly threatened by the storm. In the meantime, as the windy and wet conditions arrive, please take it easy when you travel, drive extra carefully, and stay safe!

    Much love, 

    Paul Conn