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  • Chemistry/ Physical Science Faculty


    Dr. Edward Brown currently serves as
    a Professor of Chemistry and teaches courses such as General
    Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and the associated labs. Dr. Brown
    received his PhD from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where
    his dissertation focused on indole alkaloid synthesis. He received
    the Janet Rahamut Award in 2001. Dr. Brown is a sponsor of the
    Pre-Med Honor Society and has been a part of medical missions
    groups to Ecuador and to Guatemala.

    Dr. DeLaLuz received his Doctorate
    in Organic Chemistry from the University of Kentucky, Lexington is
    a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. DeLaLuz serves as the
    Chair of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department. Dr.
    DeLaLuz also teaches courses including Biochemistry I, Biochemistry
    II, Biochemistry Synthesis/Molecular Biology, and Senior Research.
    Dr. DeLaLuz received the Lee University "Excellence in Teaching"
    award in 2001 and the "Excellence in Advising" award in 2005.
    Beyond teaching and academic advising Dr. DeLaLuz is also a faculty
    advisor for the Omega Alpha Phi service club and is an active
    member of the campus community.


    Ron Harris has been teaching at Lee
    since 1966. He commonly teaches classes such as Physical Science,
    Earth and Space Science, and Chemistry. Before joining the Lee
    faculty, Harris taught in the North Carolina public school system
    for three years. He earned his MAT from the University of North

    Dr. John Hearn, an Assistant
    Professor of Chemistry, was formerly a chemist at the Air Force
    Research Laboratory at Tyndall Air Force Base. He earned his PhD
    from the University of Georgia. Dr. Hearn has also served as a
    biochemistry laboratory technician and a graduate teaching
    assistant in chemistry. 


    Dr. Matthew Krepps, Associate
    Professor of Chemistry, teaches general, analytical, instrumental,
    and inorganic chemistry courses, as well as astronomy.  Krepps
    is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and has
    presented at multiple regional and national ACS meetings. He
    has also written several articles for publication in scientific
    journals, and his research focuses on chemical education and heavy
    metal remediation from waste water. He is currently the Lee Cycling
    Club sponsor, which supports many area and regional charities by
    cycling in their sponsored events. He also serves as organist for
    the Liturgical Chapel series as well as for Service of Lessons
    & Carols. Krepps earned his PhD in inorganic chemistry from the
    University of Kentucky.

    Dr. David Pigg, an Assistant
    Professor of Physics, has served as a post-doctoral research
    scientist at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville - Oak Ridge
    National Lab. He earned his PhD from Vanderbilt University in
    Computational Physics, specializing in numerical methods in Quantum
    Mechanics and focusing on the application of time-dependent
    coupled-cluster theory to nuclear physics. He has published
    articles on atomic physics in the Physical Review.



    Dr. Schlosser received her Doctorate
    in Chemistry Education from Purdue University in 2012 and joined
    the Lee University Faculty in the spring of that year. She teaches
    Principles of General Chemistry, General Chemistry I, General
    Chemistry II, Physical Science, Principles of Organic &
    Biochemistry, and Introduction to General,
    Organic, & Biochemistry for the Department of Natural Sciences
    and Mathematics. Dr. Schlosser also teaches courses for the
    Education Department that focus on Teaching Science and Mathematics
    for grades 7-12. Her research interests include maximizing the
    potential of tools and resources students use to learn chemistry.
    Beyond her academic and professional pursuits Dr. Schlosser enjoys
    spending time hiking with her husband.