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An Announcement from President Conn

We have been made aware of an anonymous Yik Yak post that expressed a threat to our campus. Our administrative team has been in contact with local authorities and the FBI over the weekend and this morning to continue to work through the process of evaluating and addressing the threat. While the post is indeed anonymous and there is no direct evidence of its credibility, we do want to let you know that we are taking precautions to maintain our safe campus environment.

There are several decisions that we are making to respond to the post:

• The Cleveland Police Department will have uniformed officers on campus throughout the week. In fact, they are on campus right now. Furthermore, we will focus on having additional officers at large campus events. In light of this, our regular schedule will continue including classes, Dorm Wars, and chapel in the days ahead.

 • We are continuing to work with the Cleveland Police Department and the FBI to trace the source of the post. We are doing everything possible to identify its source and will respond accordingly.

 • We do want everyone to be aware of procedures to take if an active shooting ever did occur on campus. The Department of Homeland Security has clear guidelines on its website: http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/active_shooter_booklet.pdf. As always, if you see anything suspicious, contact Campus Security (423-303-4444) or 911.

We understand why people would feel uneasy about posts like this. It is part of the chaotic and often unsettling world we live in. However, based on all available information in consultation with authorities, we do not feel it is necessary to suspend normal activity at this time. We encourage everyone to continue to engage in the life of the campus as usual and hope you have a reenergizing Fall Break.


Paul Conn

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