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O’Brien Welcomed for Worship Masterclass


Lee University School of Music will welcome worship pastor, speaker, record producer, and songwriter Mike O’Brien on Thursday, Feb. 8, for two masterclass workshops at 4 and 8 p.m. in the Curtsinger Music Building Choral Rehearsal Room.

“Mike is a gifted communicator and a skilled and talented worship leader. I believe these sessions will be beneficial to anyone who regularly leads rehearsals,” said Dr. Randy Sheeks, an associate professor of church music at Lee. “We welcome church music directors, youth group leaders, and anyone who wants to learn more about better leading a more effective music ministry.”

Mike O'Brien Leads Workshop
Mike O'Brien

The first workshop, “Designing + Leading Life Giving Rehearsals,” will focus on how to lead an effective worship band and specifically address communicating with all the members of a rhythm section (drummers, guitarists, and keyboardists).

“Many times, worship leaders have to learn on the job how to run an effective rehearsal,” said Sheeks. “Mike O’Brien brings many years of experience in leading worship bands. He will teach ways to maximize limited rehearsal time and make volunteer church bands sound better.”

In the second workshop, “The Formational Power of Songs/Developing a Culture of Songwriting in the Local Church,” O’Brien will speak on songwriting and encouraging creativity in the church.

For over 18 years, O’Brien served Vineyard Community Church in Marietta, Georgia, training hundreds of worship leaders and musicians. He is currently serving the church at large by holding worship team trainings and worship leader mentoring.

He has traveled the country leading training seminars, and he has traveled as far as India to teach a worship workshop.

He started and leads a creative group called Poured Out Like Wine, which is made up of over 25 musicians who have released hundreds of songs used in local churches.

O’Brien also has experience producing, engineering, and mixing music at Lucko Sound Studio.

He holds a Master of Worship Studies from the Webber Institute of Worship and a Bachelor of Art in Music from Kennesaw State University.

Mike, his wife Susan, and their son Ezekiel live in Atlanta, Georgia.

This event is free, non-ticketed, and open to the public.

For more information about the event, contact Sheeks at rsheeks@leeuniversity.edu.
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