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The Lee Blend


You may have noticed we’re not in the habit of leaving things to chance around here. Take spring graduation, for instance. Although the thousands of guests don’t realize it, there are two venues completely set up just in case the weather takes an unexpected turn. And did you know at indoor events, there is a bullhorn nearby for crowd control during a power outage? We also back up Lee’s databank every night at an off-campus redundancy center. We’re pretty intentional about things at Lee.

Even the color of the bricks we use has been carefully thought out. Over the last 30 years, Lee has placed more than six million bricks during the rapid expansion of campus. All of them have come from the same company, and the name of the brick is “The Lee Blend.” That’s right, we have our own brick. We don’t want to take chances with something so important. From time to time, a faintly different brick has been accidentally placed, only to be torn out later and replaced by the Lee Blend as soon as the error was spotted. Details matter.

This is all part of a larger philosophy that a beautiful campus will help transform students. We believe that living in a handsome environment over time creates an expectation of excellence. That’s why we pay attention to details like bricks, bullhorns, and data. In the end, the results are something truly beautiful.

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