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Celebration 2016 to Host Seminars Across Campus Friday


Have you ever wondered how Hollywood made Darth Vader’s voice sound the way it does, what it’s like to be on a reality television show, or what a day looks like for the Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives? On Friday, Sept. 30, the community is invited to discover the answers to these questions and many others as more than 40 speakers present Celebration Seminars, taking place all over the Lee University campus from 9-10 a.m.

The speakers – Lee alumni, faculty, community leaders, and other guests – represent diverse experience and knowledge from a variety of fields and topics including filmmaking, global challenges, nursing, state government, the music industry, foster parenting, songwriting, marriage, getting to the GRAMMYs, and more.

Ben Burtt, four-time Oscar-winning filmmaker and sound designer, is best known for creating the sound effects in the Star Wars films, Indiana Jones, Pixar’s WALL-E, and other familiar features. In his seminar, “The Magic of Sound,” Burtt will recount career episodes, anecdotes in Hollywood filmmaking, the history of sounds, and discoveries and theories of sound and editing in motion pictures.

Annie Sandberg Douglas, a Lee alumna and PhD candidate at Vanderbilt University, works to solve problems concerning global climate change, the need for clean water, and renewable energy technologies. In her seminar, “Nanotechnology: Using God’s Smallest Building Blocks to Solve Global Challenges,” Douglas will share research-based ideas with her audience to show how the tiniest of materials can solve global issues.

Hugh Hale, Chief Information Officer for the State of Tennessee, Health Care Finance Administration, will discuss how the joining of technology and healthcare is changing the nursing field. Hale’s seminar, “The Impact of Technology on the Nursing Field,” will inform listeners on how developments in technology and healthcare are jointly changing the way nurses care for their patients.

Beth Harwell, speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, has served as the House speaker for over 20 years. In her seminar, “Tennessee: On the Right Path,” she will highlight the state’s maintained low taxes, improved education, and increased job availability, among other accomplishments. Attendees of the seminar will be able to listen to their legislature speak on how the state government has created a comfortable way of life in Tennessee.

Recording artist Jordan Smith, best known for his success earlier this year on the television show “The Voice,” will share the story of his struggles and successes in the beginning of his music career during an interview conducted by Lee’s Dr. Brad Moffett. The seminar, “The Story of Jordan Smith,” will allow Smith’s audience to learn, first-hand and in person, about his experience in the entertainment industry.

These are just five of the 40 presenters on the morning seminar roster, which also includes local faces from the Cleveland community such as radio personality Steve Hartline, senior executive director of Garden Plaza Esmerelda Lee, and women’s ministry pastor of North Cleveland Church of God Sandra Kay Williams.

For a full list of the Celebration seminars and other information about the week’s events, visit Celebration.
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