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  1. Centennial Seminars to Take Place Across Campus Friday, All Welcome

    In celebration of its centennial year, Lee will host a variety of speakers to present more than 30 seminars taking place across campus this Friday at 9.
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    Celebration Seminars 2018
  2. Alumni Art Exhibition on Display in Squires Library

    The Alumni Art Exhibition will be on display in the new Art Gallery, located inside Squires Library, through Wednesday, Nov. 7.
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    Art Display
  3. Centennial Homecoming to Begin Friday

    Thousands of students, alumni, faculty, and staff will gather on campus for a Homecoming weekend of fun and new memories, as well as a Centennial Celebration to commemorate Lee’s history and legacy. 
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    Centennial Birthday
  4. Lee to Host Music Makers, a Look at Lee’s Music History

     Lee will host “Music Makers: 100 Years of Music” during Homecoming in celebration of Lee’s centennial year.
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    Music Makers
  5. Homecoming 2018 to Have Centennial Theme

    The Lee annual tradition of Homecoming will have a centennial theme this year.
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    Homecoming friends