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  1. Clark Named 2019 Presser Scholar

    Libby Clark was recently named the recipient of the 2019-20 Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award.
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    Presser Scholar 2019
  2. Aldan Receives 2019 Charles Paul Conn Award

    Richard Tudela Aldan was recently named the 2019 Charles Paul Conn Award recipient.
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    Aldan Receives Award
  3. Charles W. Conn 2019 Award Winners Announced

    Winners of this year's Charles W. Conn Servant Leadership awards were recently announced.
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    CWC Award Recipients Announced
  4. Sheeks Wins 2019 F.J. Lee Award

    Lee recently recognized Meredith Sheeks as the recipient of the 2019 F.J. Lee Award. Lee president Dr. Paul Conn presented Sheeks with this award during Lee’s Honors Chapel in April.
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    Meredith Sheeks Receives FJ Lee Award
  5. Senior Showcase Art Exhibition Now Open

    Lee University is hosting its Senior Showcase Art Exhibition Thursday, April 4-Thursday, May 2.
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    Fear to Joy, by Reagan Weiss