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  1. Senior Student Art Showcase on Display

    The Senior Art Showcase is taking place now through Saturday, Dec. 15.
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    Student Showcase
  2. Senior Showcase Art Exhibitions Take Place Across Campus

    Lee University’s Senior Showcase Art Exhibitions opened on Nov. 2 and are currently on display across Lee’s campus until Friday, Dec. 1.
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    Art Showcase
  3. Senior Art Showcase to Begin April 25

    Lee will host a senior art showcase for art majors to display their original body of work beginning April 25.
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    Sigel Preps for Art Showcase
  4. SOM Hosts Harmony Writer Display

    Lee showcased a new display called the “Harmony Writer” hosted in the Music Resource Center on Thursday, Sept. 8.
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    Harmony Writer Showcase
  5. Music Resource Center Hosts Harmony Writer Display

    The Music Resource Center will showcase a new display called the “Harmony Writer” on Thursday, Sept. 8.
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    MRC to Showcase Harmony Writer