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  1. Koch Lecture Series to Welcome Nikas on Bioethics

    Nikolas Nikas will present “Who's Your Daddy? Human Cloning, Animal-Human Hybrids & 3-parent Embryos (what every student should know about law, morality, science, and the Brave New World)”...
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    Nikas to Lecture
  2. Briggman Presents Lecture on Christology

    Dr. Anthony Briggman recently spoke at Lee on Christology.
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    Briggman lecture
  3. Weichbrodt to Present Lecture on Race and Gender

    The Cultural Diversity Committee will host Dr. Elissa Weichbrodt for a lecture titled “Looking Justly: Race, Gender, and Photography” on Tuesday, Feb. 26.
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  4. Kleeschulte to Give Lecture on Forensic Anthropology

    The BSS department will host guest lecturer Megan Kleeschulte on Monday, Oct. 29.
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    Lee University
  5. Tisby to Present Lecture Thursday

     Lee will welcome Jemar Tisby to campus Thursday.
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    Tisby to Present Lecture