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  1. Cross/Tharp, Storms/Brinsfield, and Medlin Crowned Dorm Wars 2018 Champions

    Students, faculty, staff, and community guests packed out Walker Arena on Oct. 1 to watch as students competed for the coveted title of Dorm Wars champions.
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    Dorm Wars Champions
  2. Dorm Wars to Up the Ante for Centennial Year

    Hundreds will gather in Walker Arena for Dorm Wars 2018 on Monday at 8 p.m.
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    Dorm Wars Cart Race
  3. Dorms Wars 2017: A Competition For A Cause

    On Monday, Oct. 2, students from across campus will come together at 8 p.m. in the Paul Dana Walker Arena to compete in Lee's 25th annual Dorm Wars.
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    Dorm Wars 2017
  4. Sharp Davis and Bowdle O’Bannon Crowned Dorm Wars 2016 Champion

     Over 1500 staff, faculty, students, and community gathered for Dorm Wars 2016.
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    Dorm Wars Champions 2016
  5. Dorm Wars 2016: Competition for a Cause Monday

    On Monday, Oct. 10, students will come together in Paul Dana Walker Arena to compete in the 24th annual Dorm Wars.
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    Dorm Wars 2016