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  1. Senior Student Art Showcase on Display

    The Senior Art Showcase is taking place now through Saturday, Dec. 15.
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    Student Showcase
  2. Senior Art Showcase on Display through May 4

    The Senior Art Showcase will take place through May 4 on campus.
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    Student Showcase 2018
  3. Lee Hosts Local High School Art Exhibit

    The Lee High School Art Exhibit, hosted by Lee’s art program, will take place through this Friday, March 23, at the Squires Library.
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  4. Senior Showcase Art Exhibitions Take Place Across Campus

    Lee University’s Senior Showcase Art Exhibitions opened on Nov. 2 and are currently on display across Lee’s campus until Friday, Dec. 1.
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    Art Showcase
  5. Senior Art Showcase to Begin April 25

    Lee will host a senior art showcase for art majors to display their original body of work beginning April 25.
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    Sigel Preps for Art Showcase