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  1. Anthropology Students Present at Regional Conference

    Abigail Christopher, Jed Foster, and William Kimball recently presented their original research at BRURC.
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    Students Present at BRURC
  2. Dirksen and Williamson Present at Anthropology Conference

    Dr. Murl Dirksen and Erin Williamson recently presented in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the annual meeting of the SfAA.
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    Dirksen excavating
  3. Archaeology Students Excavate 12,000-year-old site

    Nine archaeology students recently participated in two summer field schools excavating at the Eagle Rock Shelter in Colorado.
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    Christopher and White at the dig
  4. Anthropology Students Experience Post-Ebola Liberia

    For three weeks in May, five anthropology majors and their professors interacted with the people and culture of Liberia.
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    Students in Liberia
  5. Dirksen Presents at Anthropology-Sociology Conference

    Dr. Murl Dirksen recently presented at the 47th annual meeting of the Anthropology-Sociology Kentucky Conference.
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    Dr. Murl Dirksen