Faculty and Staff Positions

Campus Pastor and Director of Campus Ministries

The Campus Pastor and Director of Campus Ministries seeks to provide a community in which students experience, understand, and grow in the love of Jesus Christ in order to passionately participate and direct the mission of the church at Lee University and beyond. Priority is placed on giving students opportunities for spiritual growth and development. These opportunities include chapel services, community service involvement, confidential spiritual counseling, mentoring, local ministry involvement, mission trips, prayer groups, small group discipleship, and worship events.

Education and Work Experience

At minimum, the Campus Pastor and Director of Campus Ministries should have a master’s degree in a ministry-related field; however, a doctoral degree is preferred. Work experience should include local church or parachurch ministry leadership, practical work in teaching and preaching, provision of pastoral care, and knowledge in overseeing an office staff and budget.

Skill Requirements

  • Carry out reasonable instructions given by the Vice President for Student Development
  • Assume a leadership role in assisting students with opportunities for spiritual growth and development
  • Perform general administrative duties in leading the Campus Ministries Office
  • Maintain effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Operate as a team player with other office personnel
  • Maintain appropriate relationships with staff and interact with others in a pastoral role
  • Display a friendly demeanor and work with an attitude of service to others
  • Work outside the normal business hours for numerous university events
  • Maintain a positive attitude and flexibility in all situations
  • Draft and create clear, professional documents and reports
  • Operate various computer programs associated with the university network
  • Brainstorm, create, and implement new ideas
  • Work cooperatively with parachurch and denominational ministries to further the outreach of the Campus Ministries Office
  • Minister effectively at hospitals and nursing homes and with students and families in crisis
  • Promote a Christ-like atmosphere in ethical, moral, and professional behavior in the office environment
  • Maintain confidentiality with office and student records
  • Act with integrity and honesty at all times

Essential Functions

  • Coordinate all organized spiritual programs of the university
  • Provide spiritual/personal and premarital counseling for students of the university
  • Work closely with administrative or student development personnel as a resource
  • Direct all chapel programs with direct oversight of Conn Center services
  • Supervise chapel ushers
  • Provide students with opportunities for ministry within the church and throughout the world
  • Offer counsel to students concerning Christian vocational opportunities
  • Provide and oversee small group opportunities for students
  • Prepare and oversee an annual budget
  • Oversee the office staff and volunteers who work in Campus Ministries
  • Provide church leaders with evaluative information on student’s involvement, experience, and performance in Christian ministerial activities
  • Attend organizational meetings as necessary for the implementation of campus events
  • Work with Church of God World Missions on yearly mission project selection
  • Work with Poiema interns to coordinate mentoring opportunities
  • Assist the graduation office in coordinating graduation weekend
  • Support an informational and training meeting about ushering for graduation with everyone that will be working
  • Hold regular staff meetings with Campus Ministries staff
  • Represent Campus Ministries at university meetings
  • Represent the university at church, denominational, or professional meetings or conferences
  • Direct and attend student worker appreciation events
  • Attend and host usher appreciation events
  • Assist in hosting chapel speakers and facilitating post-chapel lunches with speakers and campus guests on occasion
  • Lead in planning and hosting family life functions
  • Lead in designing and carrying out Missions Week functions
  • Provide missions opportunities to students through mission trips
  • Host speakers and help moderate Convocation services
  • Visit hospitals or nursing homes to pray for staff, faculty, or students who are sick
  • Attend funerals to represent the university on behalf of the families of students, faculty, or staff members
  • Serve as a sponsor for spiritual life clubs as needed
  • Teach as a member of the faculty with approval from the Vice President for Student Development
  • Perform guest lectures for faculty members when needed
  • Speak regularly in chapel services
  • Assist with devotionals for clubs, campus organizations, athletic teams, or classes
  • Assist with recruitment and retention of students when needed
  • Maintain memberships in professional organizations related to Campus Ministries
  • Attend monthly faculty meetings and faculty seminars
  • Serve as a member of the Service-Learning Committee
  • Chair the Missions Week Committee
  • Chair the Family Life Committee
  • Chair the Ministerial Licensing Committee
  • Generate a weekly report to the Vice President of Student Development that summarizes activities of the Campus Ministries Office for each week
  • Attend weekly Student Development Leadership Team meetings
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Vice President for Student Development

To apply, please submit a resume and response of 300 words or less to each of the following prompts:

  1. Describe your philosophy of ministry as it relates to the Lee University mission
  2. Describe your approach to leadership as it relates this position.

Materials can be submitted to Audra Iannarone, Student Development Staff Coordinator, at aiannarone@leeuniversity.edu. Application deadline is March 31, 2018. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.