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    Department of Music Performance Studies

  • The Department of Music Performance Studies

    Douglas Warner, D.M.A - Chair

    The Department of Music Performance Studies seeks to provide the curricular and co-curricular experiences that promote the study and performance of music at Lee University. It recognizes that music and the ability to perform it are gifts from God and strives to instill the guiding principle that good stewardship of those gifts is a responsibility inherent to their endowment.

    The department serves its majors by providing intensive, personalized studio instruction and other specialized courses in applied music. It serves the School of Music by administering applied music courses for all music majors. The department also provides elective instruction to non-majors in voice and on a wide spectrum of band, orchestral, and keyboard instruments. Chamber performance ensembles also invite membership from the entire student body, as well as the surrounding community.

    Programs of study: