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  • The Department of Music Education

    Linda Thompson, Ph.D.—Chair

    The Department of Music Education recognizes the importance of a comprehensive education in the fields of music and education, as well as the general education core. The department is dedicated to the preparation of excellent music educators through research-based practice, including active, problem-based learning, field experiences in local school contexts, and reflective practice at all levels.

    A primary goal of the department is to foster within each future music educator a Christian worldview that will serve as a guide through the constant and rapid changes occurring in education as well as society in general. The exceptional faculty within the Music Education department is committed to mentoring the teacher candidates through this developmental process.

    The Music Education discipline includes the general education core, the music core including applied study and ensembles, and professional coursework in both the School of Music and the College of Education. Students successfully completing the degree requirements will be recommended to the state of Tennessee for K-12 licensure.

    Programs of Study: