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    Lee University School of Music offers the following degree programs to students enrolled as music majors once they have been accepted by audition:

    Bachelor of Arts in Music

    A student wishing to pursue a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in applied music may audition for this program. While developing performance and ensemble skills, understanding the place of music in its broader context as one of the humanities is the priority of this major. It also provides a sizeable percentage of elective hours, making it an attractive option for students who wish to pursue a second major.

    Bachelor of Music Education

    Offered in cooperation with the Helen DeVos College of Education, a degree in music education leads toward teacher licensure for the student pursuing a career in elementary or secondary schools. This program provides the pedagogical and musical training needed for students to succeed as music educators. The program meets all requirements for K-12 music education certification through the Tennessee Department of Education.

    Bachelor of Music in Church Music

    Specifically designed to equip the music minister in the local church setting, this degree track incorporates the building of practical skills needed to lead the modern church in musical worship. Performance literature includes a well-selected balance of standard repertory and contemporary selections. A primary goal of this program is to develop in the student a balance of skill, knowledge, and practical application through intensive music study supported by a broad general core.

    Bachelor of Music in Performance

    A student with significant talent and experience in music may audition for this highly selective degree program. Its primary focus is to prepare the student for study in performance at the graduate level, a performance career, and/or studio teaching. Study of specialized pedagogy and literature completes the music core of theory, history, and analysis.

    Bachelor of Science in Music Business

    Offered in cooperation with the Department of Business and the Department of Communication and the Arts, this degree track provides multidisciplinary instruction to students desiring careers as performers, managers, or entrepreneurs in music business. Building on the common core of music classes, the degree culminates with a recital or specialized project.

    Music Minor

    Three minors in music are also available for interested and qualified students:

    Graduate Studies in Music

    Master of Church Music

    Designed for students involved in or preparing for Christian service in music ministry. It focuses on four vital areas: administration, performance, biblical and theological foundations of music for worship, and spiritual growth. We offer a Thursday-only program, as well as one-year residential program. The Master of Church Music Program concludes with a creative final project including a worship festival.

    Master of Music in Conducting - Choral or Wind

    Designed for students who wish to further their skills as a conductor and broaden their knowledge of literature. The program focuses on strengthening skills in rehearsal techniques, physical gestures, and music leadership. This program offers an emphasis in private conducting study and a residential program.

    Master of Music - Music Education

    Designed for students who wish to pursue or are currently involved in music education in public or private institutions. Classroom teachers, ensemble directors, and music administrators who hold the baccalaureate in music may be eligible to apply. Teaching licensure is required (optional for Post-baccalaureate certification). ORFF certification is available. Full-time, part-time, or Summer-only options are available. Evening classes are also offered. 

    Master of Music - Performance

    Designed for students who wish to pursue or are currently involved in music performance and/or studio instruction. This program seeks to strengthen skills for the concert stage and increase literature knowledge. We offer a residential program.