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    The Summer Studies in Medical Missions is a Natural Science and Mathematics Department supported trip that fulfills the Global Prospective Trip requirements for all who participate. The Summer Studies in Medical Missions has been offered for the last 20 years, and has evolved from a small group of Faculty, students, and medical professionals traveling to different locations throughout Central America every year to two large groups traveling to Guatemala and Honduras annually. In preparation for the trip, students take courses in Parasitology or Pharmacology and International Health. These courses provide information that is helpful when working with Physicians and patients or when working in the clinic pharmacy, and are applicable as electives toward Pre-professional and most other science degrees.

    During the Summer of Study in Medical Missions trips students are given the opportunity to observe and work with medical professionals from a variety of fields which may include dentistry, pediatrics, general practice, internal medicine, and ophthalmology. Students work with both professionals from the United States and from the respective country they are visiting; they are given the opportunity to interact with and be involved in the treatment of patients, e.g. filling prescriptions, cleaning/pulling teeth, debriding wounds, and applying bandages. The Summer of Studies in Medical Missions is meant to immerse students in the world of medicine and encourage stepping out of their comfort zone to reach others for Christ during the trip and in the future when they have attained their final degree in whatever area of medicine they are pursuing. Many students who participate find that the Summer of Study in Medical Missions is a life changing experience; by broadening their understanding of the world, giving them an active participation in medical treatment processes, and exposing them to professional patient interaction.   

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