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    The Department of Language and Literature has the primary mission of preparing students for graduate study and vocations that emphasize verbal arts. The programs in this department provide students a liberal arts foundation for virtually any profession.

    We have a wide variety of courses for students to take, taught by faculty who are active in their fields. In the past five years, in fact, our faculty have published or edited 11 books, 71 articles, 140 creative works, and presented 52 academic or creative works. We offer a wide variety of cross-cultural experiences, as we have led trips to Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, New England, Costa Rica, the American South, France, and Japan.

    We offer our students numerous opportunities in the discipline, ranging from discipline-related work experience (such as serving as a Language Cafe host or Writing Center tutor) to honor societies (in English, French, and Spanish). Our department brings in nationally- and regionally-known writers through our annual Writer's Festival. Since its inception seven years ago, we have had readings and workshops by writers such as Lauren Winner, Silas House, Rachel Held Evans, Herbert Woodward Martin, Janet Peery, Brian Silberman, and Chris Hansen (a Lee alumnus). You can see what both our faculty and students have been doing recently on the News and Events page.

    Our language classes focus on proficiency. All of our French and Spanish majors take the ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) and ACTFL WPT (Writing Proficiency Test) to objectively determine their levels of proficiency in speaking and writing and to provide them with an internationally recognized rating. Students begin their language study by taking a placement test or proficiency exam in French or Spanish, if they have had previous language study in high school.

    We have recently added a major in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and begun the English Language Center. In its three years, it has helped more than 150 people in the community from such countries as China, Brazil, Iran, Germany, Russia, Togo, Congo, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, Venezuela, and India, learn English or improve their speaking and writing skills.

    Our alumni work in a number of fields after graduation, including publishing, non-profit writing, librarianship, public relations and communications, college teaching, middle and high school teaching, teaching English as a second language overseas, university student life, ministry, social services, and graphic design. They have also gone to graduate schools, such as Boston University, the University of Alabama, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Duke University, Harvard Divinity School, Yale University, the University of Massachusetts at Boston, Brandeis University, Oregon State University, Indiana University, West Virginia University College of Law, Regent University, the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and Indiana State University, among other institutions.

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