• Lee University

    Helen DeVos
    College of Education

  • Teacher Education Program

    The Lee University Teacher Education Program equips students to step into their own classrooms with a strong liberal arts foundation, mastery of their specific academic discipline, comprehensive professional framework, and personal understanding of the role service plays in quality teaching. This competitive Program challenges future teachers to achieve the highest standards of professional preparedness.

    Academic theory and subject-specific coursework are enhanced with student teaching opportunities that advance from orientation and observation to participation and direct instruction. Large and small group seminars, as well as individual conferences, enable participants to share and evaluate classroom experiences, give and receive feedback, and benefit from intensive mentoring by professors deeply invested in the success of their students.

    Students seeking admission into the Teacher Education Program are encouraged to contact the College of Education for full admission criteria. 

    Certification and Licensure

    Successful completion of coursework is enhanced through general and subject-specific tests (Praxis I and II), Tennessee state licensure, and scholastic work, and is available after completion of classroom practicums.

    Transitional licenses are also available for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree but not a traditional background in education and who are working toward fulfilling appropriate licensure requirements while teaching.

    Many states partner with the Tennessee Board of Education to offer reciprocal licensing programs, so that students obtaining a license in Tennessee may also teach elsewhere. Contact the College of Education for personalized assistance in determining specific states' reciprocity agreements.